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Software Development
Xtec USA provides some of the most experienced and technically sound software development professionals at the disposal of our clients. Our developers are well-versed in a diverse array of programming frameworks and software development process cycles. We ensure that your software is as cutting-edge as the market demands.

Xtec understands that in this day and age, a business enterprise’s day-to-day operations are primarily dependent on its software and its operations. Therefore, we provide software that not only pushes the envelope for development but also keeps up with quality standards. This, in turn, ensures that our clients do not have to worry and have to spend less on after-services. Well-developed enterprise software must maintain a price-performance advantage over the software lifecycle; otherwise, it does not remain very cost-effective.

We understand the gravity of a promise made to the client. This allows us to exercise our development services and resources that encompass the latest and greatest in programming conventions. In Xtec’s experience, customers who have to worry less about the maintenance of the software, are the happiest ones. This mantra has allowed us to remain the #1 go-to developer for small to large business enterprises looking for software development at a reasonable cost.

o Custom Software Development
Xtec’s team of developers and programmers bring a cumulative work experience worth decades. We are specialized in providing software that is tailor-made to suit your business requirements. Unlike readymade software suites which usually have a one-size-fits-all utility and design, custom software packs only those utilities that are of use to your enterprise. Xtec’s custom software development has various advantages-

Xtec understands the importance of delivering a state-of-the-art IT solution within a limited schedule. Xtec remains the preferred custom software developer for start-ups as well as established multi-national business enterprises for our low margin for errors. Xtec assures that little to no-time is wasted in decision making when it comes to the custom software development process cycle. An adherence to nothing but the latest technological conventions, a clean program-building approach, and healthy testing routine has allowed Xtec to take pride in its custom software development services.

The advantages of opting for Xtec’s custom software development services can be described as follows:

a. Our Technical Insight-
Our teams of experts consult with you on what to incorporate and what not to. We design precise process flows to optimize software size.

b. Multi-platform utility-
We develop customized applications that can be executed across all the leading platforms such as Windows, Mac or Linux.

c. Return on Investment-
Our software developers and programmers follow the latest and greatest in programming conventions and models that ensure that you maximize your return on investment.

d. Secure and Robust-
Our custom developed software exhibit a robust but easy-to-use interface, providing a satisfying user experience.

o Application Development
Xtec is proficient in developing cost-effective executable applications for businesses, regardless of which industry they cater. Our team of developers is accustomed to collaborating with a variety of large and small client enterprises. Our clientele’s application development requirements have required different design and development practices.
When it comes to application development, Xtec does not merely treat it as a work order. Xtec also anticipates the chance to develop an IT solution for a new challenge at hand. The opportunity to wield our collective programming knowledge into a satisfactory solution that sustains an enterprise’s business operations is a challenge we love to welcome. Xtec is capable of providing application development services in a variety of languages and frameworks such as JavaScript, JQuery, NET, HTML and more.
For Xtec, application development does not limit itself to standard desktop-based, stereotypical ERP applications. We specialize in developing industry-specific software applications. Business enterprises from a plethora of various industries approach XTEC for custom enterprise software. We are capable of providing mobile application development regardless of whether it has to be B2B or B2C, or anything else. Developing the applications themselves does not conclude our services. We also offer system integration services for our clients.
And each time Xtec’s developed applications have surpassed benchmarks in:
a. Streamlining business-processes-
We believe in developing applications that improve your business process flows, making it easier to conduct day-to-day operations.

b. Improve customer interaction-
We ensure the software we develop brings your services and products closer to your customer base.

c. Return on investment-
Our developers ensure you are satisfied with the return on investment from the applications developed by us. Our applications perform better to safeguard your business productivity, so it is not lost on manual operations.

o Enterprise Application
Xtec is proud to provide enterprise software application development for small, medium as well as large-scale businesses. Xtec is known in the industry for virtuosity in its enterprise software development. Our primary objective in enterprise application development is to resolve the business challenges the software should bridge.
The reasons why business enterprises often want tailor-made enterprise software rather than continuing with the readymade 3rd party alternatives in the market:
i. It allows the business to decide the length of the operations cycles.
ii. The business enterprise and the developer can decide which functions can be incorporated, by weighing pros and cons and feasibility of the same.
iii. It allows businesses to have the final say on the front-end or the user-interface.
iv. The business gets to inform the developer how they wish to articulate the backend database for optimizing maximum productivity.
Owing to the collective experience of our team of programmers and developers across all the industrial sectors, XTEC can provide the most cutting-edge application architecture and program development. XTEC can develop enterprise applications in JAVA, NET, PHP, C# and more.
XTEC’s enterprise application building services are valued by clients from the business spectrum, for the following reasons:
i. Xtec’s ability to judge the programming protocols that serve the client’s requirements best always results in long-lasting custom software.
ii. Xtec’s programming practices ensure that less amount of time is wasted in decision-making and more time is invested in development and testing.
iii. Our vast knowledge of various programming languages allows us to cater services to a wide variety of business enterprises that belong to different industrial sectors.
iv. Xtec’s tailor-made enterprise software is proven to be better alternatives compared to third-party enterprise application suites commonly aimed at singular industrial sectors.
v. Xtec’s custom enterprise application building approaches to ensure that operation flows specific to your business become shorter in length. This increases productivity for businesses.

o QA & Testing
In a market where businesses cannot afford to lose even a moment’s worth of productivity, Xtec has raised the bar for Quality Analysis and Testing of the software application, web application and sites. Ensuring that our clients get everything that they are paying for and more has been a significant part of Xtec’s USP, since the start.

Testing is not treated with the same importance across all the industry sectors. However, Xtec stresses the importance of a strict testing and quality assurance routine. Therefore, in this regard, Xtec employs the same rigorous testing protocols unilaterally for all enterprises:

i. Xtec uses industry-recognized 3rd party application testing tools.

ii. Xtec stresses on application security testing to ensure discrete data cannot be syphoned from the application without the right credentials.

iii. Xtec gives equal importance to aspects such as UX and user acceptance as much as it does to process flow, module functions and integration.

iv. Mobile testing for applications meant to run on handheld devices is also carried out by Xtec.

At Xtec, we give priority to educating our clients about the importance of testing and its contribution to quality assurance. Most clients often labour under the impression that testing is a waste of time and is not cost-effective. What Xtec wishes to convey without our well-rounded testing routines is that the testing phase is what makes the overall software development process cycle more cost-effective. Without testing, a software may spawn bugs in the long term, which ultimately defeats the purpose of having tailor-made software developed.

Xtec provides elite QA & Testing services that ensure:
a. Fast deployment-
Bugs and issues do not delay your application’s market deployment timeline.
b. Prompt error-detection-
Bugs are detected as early in the development and following phases, as possible.
c. Lower cost-
The costs for development and post-delivery maintenance services are lowered thanks to negligible error-related challenges affecting delivery.
d. Better responsiveness-
Your applications are fine-tuned to react promptly to your business requirements.
e. Better testing-
Our extensive code testing practices have ensured that we have ready-to-use test cases which minimize time wastage in the testing phase. This also helps us compare performances between two similar types of a custom enterprise application.



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