Cloud Computing

XTEC is determined to provide services that revolutionize business for our clients. Thanks to Cloud Computing this may be a reality soon. Cloud computing is the boon of technology that is helping corporate businesses cut down on resource budgets, share information much more efficiently than before and sustain backups. Cloud computing has changed the landscape for personal computing as well. Some of the attributes of Cloud computing that has made corporate enterprises embrace this emerging technology are as follows:
a. Distributed systems-
Cloud computing has allowed enterprises to cut down severely on costs. Information and hardware-sharing costs notwithstanding, small start-ups have used the favourable conditions to prosper further.
b. Information sharing-
Information sharing has become much more convenient. There are lesser concerns of data theft and it has become easier to house the information serially thanks to the Cloud.

c. Data sustenance-
Maintaining data has become easier, and more cost-effective. The Cloud allows corporate enterprises to back up their information of safely ensconced servers that cannot be physically impacted by anything.

d. Increased productivity-
Businesses often have to deal with situations that demand high-performance servers for their high-traffic applications and sites to run smoothly. However, infrastructure and cost are two constraints that limit this productivity. The Cloud enables these firms to function faster than expected, with operations yielding results and more.
XTEC is responsible for furnishing services to business enterprises, in terms of Cloud computing. We ensure that the Cloud technology enables your business to overhaul operational cost overheads. Our experienced Cloud technology specialists are accustomed to designing network systems dependant on Cloud connectivity, for business enterprises of different scale. Catering tailor-made Cloud computing services for businesses has become our specialty, due to the following set of attributes:
i. Efficient IT requirement evaluation-
Our expert team of Cloud technology consultants are responsible for understanding the blueprints of your business architecture. This helps them advise you to the best of their knowledge, on how the analysis benefits the future of your company.
ii. Cloud network implementation-
Our team of Cloud technology specialists are all about pushing the boundaries of service quality. XTEC’s Cloud specialists study your business carefully, to implement Cloud technology infrastructure that is flexible, budget-friendly and user friendly to boot.
iii. System recovery-
We guarantee that your network will remain safe and sound from any possibility of data loss due to any unprecedented challenges. XTEC is happy to ensure that not only robust backups are in place, for your system, on the Cloud but there are convenient recovery and restore options present as well.
iv. Maintenance and support-
XTEC assures prospective businesses who are looking to avail our Cloud technology services, that we provide round-the-clock maintenance and support services. To ensure that our esteemed clients never run into any hiccups in their business operations, we provide proactive maintenance routines for them.



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