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Global banking industry experienced crusts and troughs in all possible forms and functions in the last one year. Today, almost all banks of the world are relooking at their current strategies, re-evaluating the business models and reinvesting in building efficiencies in the systems and processes. Along with this the external world is changing its shape as well. Government bodies are forcing banks to be nimble, yet robust. For this, they are applying new compliance, closer watch and higher intervention.

Banks are juggling between the consolidations of operations and fast approaching regulatory deadlines. Some things are needed to be addressed like redundancies in infrastructure.

We understand and appreciate the change and have proactively invested in creating solutions for our customers. We help our customer banks by creating new business opportunities, tap the existing ones more efficiently and fight from new challenges.

We have covered the following field of the banking. These fields are not only based on IT but non-IT enabled services.


Issuing, Account acquisition, Network related services, Merchant-acquiring and Servicing, Origination, Clearing and Settlement, Value added services, Reconciliation and Research


Channel integration, Mobile Banking, Branch Optimization, Sales and Service Delivery, Internet Banking, Contact Center and Social Networking for online banking


Deposits, Trade Finance, Supply Chain Finance, Wholesale Banking, Risk and Compliance


Auto Finance, Personal and Asset finance, Small Business credit, Students Loan, Overdraft, Dealer Finance and Lease


Home equity, Refinance, Reverse Mortgages, Balloon and Commercial Real Estate


OMS/EMS, Securities processing, Reference data, Risk Management, Asset servicing and Derivatives processing


Asset Acquisition, Portfolio Construction, Trade Management, Accounting Performance and Reporting, Pricing and back office services

The key issues that are affecting banking today are given below. We provide business solutions to all these issues:

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    Rejuvenation trust with customers
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    Improving customer experience for higher attainment rate across channels.
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    Transforming infrastructure for better Operational Excellence e.g. creating an resourceful payments infrastructure
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    Building transparency in systems and processes to meet the looming regulatory requirements

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